Auto login & skip unlock keyring

To set auto login in Fedora (12), as root:

Backup gdm.schemas first

cp /etc/gdm/gdm.schemas /etc/gdm/gdm.schemas.orig

Edit gdm.schemas, change these values accordingly:

vim /etc/gdm/gdm.schemas

To skip unlock keyring (suppose you’re connecting to internet through wireless network)

Remove default keyring

cd ~/.gnome2/keyrings
rm -f *

Re-login, enter wireless passphrase, and set empty keyring (don’t enter any keyring password)

Install new fonts in Gnome

Create folder .fonts on home directory

mkdir ~/.fonts

Move your *.ttf and *.otf to that folder

mv *.ttf ~/.fonts

‘Reload’ Gnome desktop

fc-cache -f -v

Gnome window compositing

Gnome >= 2.22 has its own window compositing. To enable:

gconftool-2 -s --type bool /apps/metacity/general/compositing_manager true

To disable, set ‘true’ to ‘false’

Without window compositing
With compositing. See the drop shadow on app window and opacity on terminal window