Happy New Year

Happy new year 2019. There will be a huge change regarding this blog in this new year.

I won’t be updating this blog as much as before, instead I’ll be posting content through my social media accounts:

Also, I’ll be posting in Malay language in order to target readers in Malaysia and neighbouring countries.

Facebook login phishing

Lately I’ve seen a few facebook posts that look like this:


Generally it posts something about interesting facebook features or links to adult-ish blog post. When navigate to that link, it’s a regular facebook post. Similarly for links to blog post, it’s also a normal blog post. However they require you to click another link in order to obtain what is being offered:


Here, the link given is http://teenvl.biz/teenml/login. When open this link, it shows a phishing facebook login page.


Note: DON’T enter your login information there!

Be careful, always see the URL address before you enter any login information, on any website, especially e-commerce sites

Dragonball comics on iPad

Dragonball comics can be downloaded at http://www.realitylapse.com/manga/dragonball.php.There are two types of downloads – chapters or volumes, volumes are combination of several chapters. Better download the volumes, since downloading each chapter will take longer time.

I’m using SideBooks app to view the comics on iPad. The files can be easily transferred to iPad via iTunes shared folder.


Or if you’re using Fedora, it’s automatically detected as mobile device & by using Nautilus it’s as easy as copying files into SideBooks folder inside the iPad.


Kpop Idol Groups International Fan Forum

Let’s take a look at different aspect of Kpop. Here’s some analysis of a few Kpop idol groups international fan forum sites. 20 sites are selected randomly, all are using IP.Board except one using WordPress:

Soshified (SNSD)

Karaholic (Kara)

BigBangVIP (Big Bang)


SJ-WORLD (Super Junior)

WG Spectacle (Wonder Girls)

Diadem (T-ara)

Ultimate Adora (Miss A)

MightySISTAR (Sistar)

Aff(x)tion – f(x)

I heart f(x) – f(x)

Visual Glow (Rainbow)

SHINee Forum International (SHINee)

No Limit Infinite (Infinite)


TS Undercover (B.A.P)

Unbreakable6 (B.A.P)



Girl’s Day Daily (Girl’s Day)

Since majority fan forums are using IP.Board, so let’s do some summary on the statistics shown on the site:

5 highest number of posts:

  1. 5344703 – Soshified
  2. 1561663 – SHINee Forum International
  3. 1487358 – SJ-WORLD
  4. 1098778 – 2ONEDAY
  5. 612347 – Karaholic

5 highest posts per member:

  1. 32.76 – 2ONEDAY
  2. 25.51 – WG Spectacle
  3. 21.08 – SJ-WORLD
  4. 20.54 – SHINee Forum International
  5. 20.34 – Soshified

5 highest most online users:

  1. 19826 – Soshified
  2. 1031 – SJ-WORLD
  3. 1359 – Diadem
  4. 1398 – SHINee Forum International
  5. 1574 – MightySISTAR

I try to find the highest percentage of most online users by comparing with total registered users, however most online users counter is including anonymous users too. So here’s the 5 highest percentage of most online users (which is not very accurate):

  1. 121.3% – Visual Glow
  2. 24.98% – MightySISTAR
  3. 23.42% – Unbreakable6
  4. 8.39% – TS Undercover
  5. 7.54% – Soshified

Now let’s get technical. Disclaimer: these info are retrieved by inspecting HTTP header & using network tools available online, no hacking or cracking involved.

PHP versions: 10 sites using version 5.4.7, while one site each using version 5.3.24, 5.3.23, 5.3.10 and 5.2.17.So, hosting providers that still using PHP 5.2, please upgrade.

Server: 10 sites using Lighttpd (these sites seem to be hosted by same hosting provider), 5 using Apache, 3 using Nginx and 1 using Litespeed.

Soshified is the only one hosted by AWS and has Cloudflare enabled.

14 sites are gzip-encoded – web pages are compressed, which results in smaller size & faster transfer.

Domain registrar: 7 sites registered with Namecheap, 6 with GoDaddy, 2 with eNom and one site each registered with Bluehost, ReDeHost, HostGator, domainname.com & NameSilo.