Update iOS Titanium module SDK version

If you have a custom module compiled in older SDK version (3.0.0.GA and below), here’s how to update to latest version (3.1.0.GA)

  1. Edit manifest file
    minsdk: 3.1.0.GA
  2. Edit titanium.xcconfig
    TITANIUM_SDK = /Library/Application Support/ ...
    (SDK path point to directory starting from root filesystem, rather than home directory)

Setup Titanium Studio environment for developing Titanium module (Android) on Windows

Using Titanium Studio and Titanium Mobile 2.1.4.GA

  1. Install Android SDK on path without space (C:\Android\android-sdk)
  2. Install SDK platform AND Google API – 2.2 to latest (4.2)
  3. Install Android NDK (C:\Android\android-ndk-r8b)
  4. Add titanium.py to PATH
  5. Add python to PATH (if you don’t have python installed):
    C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Titanium Studio\plugins\com.appcelerator.titanium.python.win32_1.0.0.1338515509\python

    (Browse into the folder if want to know exact foldername)

  6. Install Gperf and add to PATH
    C:\Program Files\Gnu\Win32\bin

Create new module

  1. Open Titanium Studio
  2. Right click Project Explorer > New > Titanium Mobile Module Project
  3. You should be able to select Android as platform
  4. Continue until finish creating
  5. Edit build.properties, add

Build & package module

  1. Right click build.xml > Run As > Ant Build
  2. Packaged module zip file is in dist folder