Record from tv card using mencoder

* Assuming tv card audio in cannot be detected & need to use line-in


CHANNEL=29 # R6-TV1,E11-TV2,29-TV3,37-NTV7,44-8TV,48-TV9
DURATION="60:00" # 60 minutes

amixer -c 0 sset 'Line',0 80% mute cap
mencoder tv://
  -tv channel=$CHANNEL:chanlist=europe-east:forceaudio:alsa:amode=1:adevice=hw.0,0:mjpeg
  -vf pp=md
  -of mpeg
  -oac lavc
  -ovc xvid
  -xvidencopts bitrate=800:vhq=2
  -endpos $DURATION
  -o tv.mpg&& sleep 20 && mplayer tv.mpg

Note: I set the Line-in as the capture channel for audio and mute it, so that no real-time audio coming out of the speaker. After 20 secs sleep, the recording playback started, settings to 5 secs is too low & the playback may stop itself.

To determine alsa hardware ID (hw.0,0) – assuming audio card 0 is the one
that connected the tv card audio out through line-in

$ amixer -c 0


Simple mixer control 'Input Source',0
  Item0: 'Line'

Therefore, device ID is 0 (see ‘Input Source’)

ALSA hardware ID : hw.<cardID>,<deviceID>

To record:

$ chmod +x
$ ./

To force stop the recording (above script will auto stop record after 60 minutes)


kill -9 `ps ax|grep mencoder|grep -v grep|awk '{print $1}'`

Recorded videos must be reindexed before storing


mencoder -idx tv.mpg -ovc copy -oac copy -o tv_idx.mpg

To play:

$ mplayer tv.mpg

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