Invincible Youth Ep. 19

Invincible Youth, Episode 19, Mar 16 2010, from KBS World


Download: Invincible.Youth.E19.KBSW.mp4

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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29 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep. 19”

  1. thanks for the update =D
    but it really surprised me when i saw chapter 18 at the start of this… i guess its a typo error but i think everyone does understand its the 19th episode.

  2. Anyone having trouble downloading part 2…..I’ve tried downloading about 6 times
    and each time I’m getting a partial load of abour 18%…. the other partss downloaded
    a full 100%…????? Is it just me?

  3. Hi. I could join all files but when I play using VLC it says the file is broken.
    It then plays the first 11 minutes and then it ends.
    Normally you can see at the bottom right – about an hour but here it says only 11 minutes.
    Anyone experiencing the same issue and how can I fix this?

  4. thank you. Thank to you that I am able to watch this w/ sub.
    Just a side question, will you upload other subbed show from kbs? (such as qualifies of man?)

  5. James…

    You might be having the same issue I had….you’re not getting a full load on all the
    parts…in my case I was not getting a complete load on part 2….I was finally able get
    a full load after many attempts…..and the join worked out ok….
    Try checking to see if all your parts are the same size……(except the last part)
    Good luck!

  6. yeah…….waiting ep 20……suppose yesterday were update right?huhu….cant wait….tq for your hardwork….it could really nice if you also sharing “Chit Chat with beautiful ladies”…huhu

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