Invincible Youth Ep. 21

Invincible Youth, Episode 21, Mar 30 2010, from KBS World

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Subversion on thumbdrive

This post shows how to create a Subversion (SVN) repo on a thumbdrive. I don’t know what’s the minimum capacity of thumbdrive should be used, but 2GB seems enough (mine’s 8GB)

Software to use: RabbitVCS

There are 3 parts, download all parts (Core, Nautilus & GEdit plugin), and install them

  • Select all 3 packages, right click > Open with Package Installer


  • the repo folder on thumbdrive is referred as /media/thumbdrive/project_repo
  • project folder is ~/project/my_project (folder contains your work)

Create new repository:

  1. Create a folder (for repo) on thumbdrive (/media/thumbdrive/project_repo)
  2. Go inside that folder, right click > RabbitVCS > Create repository here
  3. Create temporary folder (~/tmp) and create repo layout inside:
    • ~/tmp/trunk
    • ~/tmp/branches
    • ~/tmp/tags
  4. Import repo layout into repo inside the thumbdrive:
    • Select ~/tmp > right click > RabbitVCS > Import
    • Repository: file:///media/thumbdrive/project_repo
    • enter import message, and OK
  5. Import project folder into repo inside the thumbdrive:
    • Select ~/project/my_project, right click > RabbitVCS > Import
    • Repository: file:///media/thumbdrive/project_repo/trunk
    • enter message, and OK

Check out repo into another computer

Assuming this another computer running Windows, it should have TortoiseSVN installed.
Note: c:usersusername is referred as ~ in this post, repo folder in thumbdrive is e:project_repo

  1. Go to project folder (folder which your keep all your project files, e.g. ~projects)
  2. Right click > SVN Checkout
  3. URL of repository: file:///E:/project_repo/trunk
  4. Checkout directory – make sure it is ~projects, then OK