Invincible Youth Ep. 15

Invincible Youth, Episode 15, Feb 20 2010, from KBS World


Download: Invincible.Youth.E15.20100220.KBSW.avi

Old links:
Part 1Reupload Part 1
Part 2Reupload Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6Reupload Part 6

Alternative links by @jio:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

42 thoughts on “Invincible Youth Ep. 15”

    1. i do not mean to offend you or such,, its just that..

      she cant upload faster… her uploads depend on what’s being aired on tv.. as she quoted in this site “I share what I rekod from tv”

      you should go tell KBS to get their shows aired faster/tell the staff of the show to film faster. XD then we could get episodes earlier

  1. Is it just me, or are the links down ?
    All I see are error messages after they redirect me to mediafire :S

    But thanks for sharing nonetheless 🙂

  2. Just to add,

    i used hjsplit and another program, and both of them do not have sound.

    if it’s a codec issue… well i used both vlc media player (own sets of codec) and media player classic taken from the mega codec pack and both of them have no sound.

    Maybe this one is plainly just a bad rip?

  3. All those with sound problems, try using VLC player

    I had issues with WMP and WMP classic, however the sound came out just fine with VLC, I suspect its something to do with the encoding

  4. i’m using VLC, sound came out just for 1st 25 minit of the show, after that it became soundless again. something wrong with the video, any suggestion?

  5. Yeah I ran into the same thing after the 25 min mark…. divx player seems to be working for me though…but the sound quality is terrible

    1. wait to buffer?

      how do you do that?
      I’m not sure I understand how you buffer it til 100% considering this is an offline file that you already dnwloaded?

      Is it a setting or something

  6. I hope the owner of the blog reads the comments section 🙂
    he/she is now my primary source of this show (i used to download a torrent of this, but the seeder decided to just direct us to this blog instead) so that he/she can improve on the video hehe

  7. There are some errors in de audiostream. It works on and off in vlc so “its working just fine” doesnt really apply here.
    Hopefully you are able to reupload a better version.

    thnaks again for your efforts

  8. nah..dont know bout it either..i’m using latest klite mega codec pack.. open with show buffer til 100%..then everything will be fine..including the sound..

  9. Thanks for sharing, but I still have sound problems with episode 15. I’ve got the latest klite codecs and mpc shows that the file has no sound (indication in corner right under).
    Please reupload episode with sound.

  10. has anyone tried to convert it? into a different format?

    if there are still sound problems after conversion, then the links/uploads have the problem… if not, then there you go…

  11. I’ve joined the first two files and tested it and so on, each time I had sound except for the last file. I think the problem is in the the file part 6.

    1. you are right. when i joined part 1 to 5, mpc plays the avi file without glitches. however when i joined all the parts, there was no audio. maybe the problem occurred during splitting the avi file.

  12. Guys can you help me out. I’ve rename the file as directed in faq. But it didn’t work out using hj split. I really.. really want to watch this episode. please help me.. please help me

  13. please help me. I download all the files but I can’t join it.. Is there anything I can do to make it watchable.
    please help me

    1. have you looked at the comments there? me and scrumptious have posted there a software that joins the files without renaming…

  14. Well I’ve tried joining only 5 files and it didn’t work on WMP, but when I joined all 6, the sound won’t come out. If I play on VLC, it only plays up till 5-10 mins only. Can you please re-upload all links instead? Thanks in advance. Huge fan of the show, and yours are the only one that’s uploaded through MF ^^

  15. alright! this is what a i did, i download the video , as many of you already notice it the audio has some glitches, so i have the raw video of this episode, i extracted the audio and it was .ac3 then i converted to mp3 , then i edited to try to sync the extracted audio (from raw) to this kbsw episode, then i joined them then i split the video with hjsplit then i uploaded them to mediafire , i tried to post the links but is not allowing me so if anyone has any idea to how to share the links let me know , ill check the comments often to check it out 😉

  16. Hi,

    Is it possible to re-up part 1 for Esp 15? Both of the links are dead.

    Thanks again for your effort in sharing all this wonderful kpop show !!

    1. i have just finished downloading it.. really.i had no problems…

      im currently am watching it now =/ hmm. now i wonder what must be wrong with the links…

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